Resources for tech partnerships teams

The Upwork strategy for Agency Partner Acquisition

Here's a strategy I suggested another partner team run to:a) Get more agencies and Freelancers into their funnel.b) Get feedback on their program and/or product from their ideal partner persona's.

Watch a blind live agency partnerships pitch!

We recorded this today with one of our newest agencies and three of our relevant tech partners for that agency.

Account mapping - Moving co-marketing agency partners into co-selling routines

Sharework is a free app that reveals revenue building opportunities by finding unseen overlap between you and your partners. Using the data provided by Sharework, you will be able to co-sell and co-market to your customer bases effectively.

Use Quora to Find Partner Prospects who have shown HUGE Intent!

Here is a strategy for finding highly-actionable partner prospects who have shown intent based on answers they provide to Quora discussions related to your keywords.

How to convert new co-marketing partners to co-selling partners.

This is a strategy purposed to: Gain and convert ideal partners using co-marketing and co-selling in specific progressive stages.

Defining and finding ideal alliances using Google Search Console data.

This strategy is using Google Search Console data in your next marketing meeting to prioritize strategic relationships with potential and current integration partners.

Writing copy and partner page setup to persuade partners

This training session focuses on what and how of solid partner programs landing page copywriting.

The partner sales ops stack and workflow

Partner teams are often left dependent on sales/marketing for data and a lead process. This system is meant to be powered by the partner team to ensure they can scale without needing to rely on sales for data and leads.

A strategy for winning top-tier agency partnerships.

We have not closed them so please let us introduce you and hopefully after you win the deal they will look closer into the relationship. If you are open to it, please find a time in my calendar so we can form a proper intro and reason/offer (other than your agency being one we admire) for the intro right now.” (paste the list of company names/urls below along with your calendar link) Sincerely,

Partner Landing Page Review w/ Josh Garellek

Not all partner programs are built alike. This is true for their landing pages, and there is a strong correlation between top partner programs and great landing pages. In this short video, Josh Garellek and I go through our favorite partner program landing pages and why we think you should do your best to imitate them. About Josh: Tech adVenturer/Driver, Co-founder | Bringing Together & Leading Talented People to Build Up Businesses | Award-Winning Serial Entrepreneur includes OBJ’s 2019 Forty under 40 recipient.