Resources for tech partnerships teams

How to convert a new top-tier agency who brings you a user-referral to a formal Partner

Don't let your team get too caught up in closing one referral when there is a bigger fish to fry in the formalization of a reciprocal lasting partnership.

When / why / how of Partner Community Creation w/ Luke from

This session is all about when/why/how of partner community creation. Joining me is community pro Luke Summerfield.

When, why and how to use an LMS and Partner Certifications

Top SaaS partner programs like ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft (Keap), Hootesuite and hundreds of others rely on LMS’s to activate their new partners quickly. Thinkific is usually that platform so we wanted to know the why and how. In this discussion, one of Thinkific’s brightest will share the details so you do not have to ask yourselves whether or not an LMS is necessary for your partner program.

How to Activate Agency Partners

Concepts and strategies to get buy-in from partners and keep them engaged in the program.

What unique incentives Recart and Tapcart are leaning towards in place of low commission payouts...

This is a strategy for program growth by (a) changing ongoing commissions to one time up front larger payouts, and (b) enabling agency partners to host your product + services training instead of having that in house.

Why agencies hate working with software companies & what you can do about it.

This is a presentation I gave to the CSA members who were struggling to get agencies to buy into their partner program.

A great strategy to kick off a successful Agency Partner Program when you have only ever sold to agencies.

Here was my suggestion to get these agencies selling new clients using a URL on your site and services they know on top of your solution -

Circles vs Rows: Taking this approach in your partner program strategy.

Circles are our way of describing the relationships found in partnership ecosystems where a consultant and/or agency is partnered with both your tech and a product you sell well with (possibly also natively integrated to). This video will explain the strategy on finding those circles within your ecosystem.

How to approach your new partner communication process.

I was just on a session with one of our Accelerator partner manager participants going through his dilemma: How does a partner manager draw out some level of consistent referrals from the partners without burning the relationship. This is the strategy.

Which incentives actually increase the attractiveness of a partner program and how much they can impact program KPIs.

Outside of your product’s feature / benefits / support / integrations which are attractive to users, your partner programs incentives are what make ‘partnering’ attractive, and therefore is your partner teams ammunition for growing the program. The more ammunition you give them (incentives), the faster the program will gain new partners and convert referred accounts from current partners.

How to Enable an Agency Partner to Sell Services on Top of Your Solution

Finding partners is easy. Bulk emailing is easy. Hosting webinars is easy... But actually enabling your partners to introduce you to their clients is hard. What's even harder - getting those agencies to setup and sell services on top of your platform. Let us show you how.

How Partner Teams can Attribute Referrals in TCMA and Channel Programs

Conflict resolution among direct and indirect sales teams within an organization or among multiple channel partners is no longer an issue.

[podcast] Through-channel marketing automation (TCMA) with Jay McBain

This is one of the biggest changes in channel sales in the last 30 years. Partnerships are expanding to have non-transacting partners take more of the load. Microsoft has over 400,000 resellers and they are getting 7,500 new partners every month. But 80% of them are now non-transactional, they are the influencers, installers, implementers etc.