Use Quora to Find Partner Prospects who have shown HUGE Intent!

Use Quora to Find Partner Prospects who have shown HUGE Intent!

Here is a strategy for finding highly-actionable partner prospects who have shown intent based on answers they provide to Quora discussions related to your keywords.

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What you need: 

  1. A quora account
  2. A place to store the data (use our free Airtable PRM with the template attached).
  3. It helps to have a virtual assistant who knows Quora - we can refer you ours who is in our Slack group waiting.

Links mentioned:

First, run a litmus test -

Head to - type in your keywords (the buyer-intent keywords) on Quora's main search. This will show all the recent activity. If there is any, you are good to proceed.

Next, find a relevant topic that is getting a good amount of attention.

Attention is relative. If you are a tool integrated with Salesforce, and you are after anyone who has an audience of SF users, this will be easy. If you are For example, if you are - and after partner prospects who want to use your Zoho integration to help you get into new accounts, then you'd go to Zoho's topic page:

Then, find "Most Viewed Writers".

These are the people who REALLY care about a topic - so much so, they find and answer a lot of questions posted on the subject. Which means... if that topic is one your brand wants to be involved with, they are people you should know.

*Note, some topics do not show the most viewed writers so you will have to look down the page.

Now that you have passed the litmus test and have a list of people you would like to approach, it's time to setup your lead capture sheet/base.

Please feel FREE (yes, it's free) to use our Airtable PRM which we reference in the video:

Either way, here are the questions you want to find: 

Quora contributor sheet/base/form questions:

Topic search or Topic Page URL: *

Quora Question Link (if you started with a question/answer):

Question followers (if you started with a question/answer):

Answer text (if you started with a question/answer):

Contributor profile:*

Contributor's followers: *

Contributor content views:

Copy/paste the topics they "Know":

Contributor first name: *

Contributor LinkedIn URL:

Contributor LinkedIn Company Page URL:


Contributor Biz Email:

Now, set up a form -

Use a form because you do not want to make your VA have to login to Airtable or Google sheets to execute this - just create a Google Form or use our Airtable PRM.

Create a list of your search results and Topics URLs from Quora -

If you use topics, make sure to link to the "Most Viewed Writers" (not the topic page) to make it easier for your VA. Here's an example of that page.

If you are starting with the questions, then post the general search page results link.

Now, give instructions to your VA -

Send the list of URLs + this page/video to your VA + a test budget to get this done now!

Finally, create automations -

I like to know who I reached out to and when so that I can go back to their LinkedIn profiles to see if they accepted and if they replied. Remember, not everyone reads your "Add Notes". So, you have to go back and send them a follow-up.

Automations can be created in Airtable to alert yourself or your team or compose an email to the new lead... whatever you want. I'll try to update this post with some options, but follow Gareth for all relevant Airtable tactics.

As you reach out to these people, update the Email/LinkedIn Yes/No fields -

As you reach out, make sure you update the PRM with what happened to keep track and fire the automations.

If you use our PRM, you can setup leads to flow into new tabs as they reply and book appointments.

IF you need help with partner sales strategy - check out our Masterclass on Partner Sales!

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