The partner sales ops stack and workflow

The partner sales ops stack and workflow

Partner teams are often left dependent on sales/marketing for data and a lead process. This system is meant to be powered by the partner team to ensure they can scale without needing to rely on sales for data and leads.

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Welcome to the partner sale stack and workflow we use internally to find and convert agencies which we know will work for you (as we covered all our bases). 

  1. First, read the section below on GDPR and check out this presentation to get an idea of what/how of cold outreach in the world of GDPR.
  2. Watch the full strategy video here >>>
  3. Use this link to sign up for Leadfeeder (so you get a discount) to get it added to your site. 
  4. Read through the examples of good and bad cold email to ensure you are not making the same mistakes. 
  5. Now, use our cold email sequence template and best practices to create your email sequence.
  6. Book a demo with so you can use it to gather more data like those partners you already have in your program. 
  7. Grab this template from so you can start grabbing adhoc data based on use of tech like HubSpot, Quickbooks, Marketo… and other technologies they use.
  8. Read this article to ensure you are set up to do cold outreach (your domain, data quality, warmed IP…) = Ip analysis to discover what companies visited which pages on your site, segment them by industry, look them up to see if a lead already exists, then push them into CRM if they dont exist. = programmatic enrichment of lookalike data from within the CRM (or manually via sheet or URL by URL). = a sheet-based dashboard that allows you to find and organize and enrich data using firmagraphics from LinkedIn + technology being used on their website.

For cold email… here is our recommendation today: is by far the best cold email tool we’ve ever used - it’s stupid proof essentially so you protect your company domain. 

How it works is: 

Step 1 = Create a Leadfeeder account (use this link to get their discount). Add Leadfeeder to your website. Setup filters for Industry = Marketing/Advertising, page URLs viewed… whatever you want. 

Step 2 = Connect your filters from LF to your CRM and/or Slack notifications via Zapier or native integration. Make sure those leads are tagged correctly as they go into the CRM if your sales team is also using the same CRM.
*Note - while we do not suggest cold leads to be pushed into PRM until AFTER they have opted into your program, we do suggest those of you utilizing Airtable for your partnership activities add these leads to the cold leads tab automatically so they can be put into a nurturing automation. 

Step 3 = Setup to automatically look up data matching those you have tagged using Leadfeeder AND look up agencies like those. To do this, contact Julian (below) and discuss how it can work with your CRM. You can start using Ocean today by looking up companies like those already partnered with you. 

Step 4 = Start running some of the filters we have setup in our Rows template for finding agencies who use technology you know you sell well with (i.e. HubSpot, Quickbooks, Marketo, Salesforce…) 

Step 5 = IF you have the marketing team, send them the data to them so they can start retargeting them with ads on LinkedIn or facebook/instagram to warm them up. 

Step 6 = Start your linkedin connection requests - use free account - connection only - no add note.

Step 7 = Setup your cold outreach workflow - use the framework here

Share this video and process with your sales lead to start to form a stack you all can be a part of. Chances are they have their own data sources, but this is the time to see if there is a unified process for you both, or if it’s best that you run your own stack.


Value proposition: Take ownership of your leads by building internal tools just using spreadsheets. Great for finding companies, contacts of decision makers and automating CRM input.

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Coming in 2021

Deal for Partners

Value proposition: Ocean provides AI and a global database of companies to find your next customer, enrich your CRM data, and automate repetitive sales tasks.

Upcoming features:

Deal for partners:

GDPR comments:

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