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Learn how to "Do" partnerships in this
4-week bootcamp!

Hitting quotas as a new Partnerships Manager requires knowledge of the day-to-day strategic operations you cannot learn from the high-level fluff webinars and courses out there. In this bootcamp, you will have mentorship and operational guidance from a dozen partnerships experts who have been in your shoes! Nine workshops + four 1:1's with your assigned mentor, and accountability throughout to ensure you become a better partnerships manager.

The unique aspects of this accelerator:
☝️ Strategy for getting through the first year as a partnerships manager.
✌️ Actual mentorship from those who have succeeded in your shows.

Graduates included teams from companies like

What we promise

You're in good hands!
I've made sure this is the most actionable set of training sessions I've put together since our inception.

- Alex Glenn

  • Certified in Agency Partnerships upon completion.

  • Eight small group expert-led workshops.

  • A partnerships expert mentor to assist you along the way.

  • 1:1 session with Alex Glenn.

  • Invited to listen in on strategy calls with agencies.

  • Access to the Partner Enablement Masterclass.

  • Access to the Partner Sales Masterclass.

  • A dozen templated resources for you to use in your program.

  • Slack support for any needs along the way.

The Mentors

Ashley Scorpio

VP of Partnerships

Co-Marketing w/ Partners

Roddy Smith

Head of Growth & Partnerships

Partner Enablement

Alex Glenn


Agency Acquisition Strategy

Marco De Paulis

Director of Partnerships

Mitigating Expectations

Daniel Lancioni

Senior Director, Partner Success

Co-Selling w/ Agencies

Monica Perez

Global Partnership Manager

Reporting and KPIs

Greg Portnoy

VP of Partnerships

GTM with partners

Sunir Shah



Jessie Shipman

Founder of Partnerfluent

Partner Onboarding

Will taylor

Head Of Partnerships

Cold Outreach Strategy

Nico DeBruyn


Agency Partner Onboarding

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Ben Jablow


"We were able to define our program in a new light by not just the referral side of the partner program but what this program meant for an agency."
- Ben Jablow, VP of Alliances @

Maddy Martin


"The tone is set from the top, and it's action-oriented. This is a network of "doers." Much is expected, and much is achieved -- with remarkable speed."
- Maddy Martin, VP of Marketing @

Only 20 spots! Register now!

the schedule

4 weeks, actionable training sessions, 1:1 support, and the coveted guidance from agency personas...
This is the only Partner Programs Accelerator.

Week 1: 

Session 1: Setting priorities and mitigating expectations from senior management.

In this session we’ll talk about: How to navigate the politics and expectations of being a partnerships manager. Marco has been in and around some major partnerships programs. He's excelled in each and every one using the strategies he'll explain in this kick off session!

Marco De Paulis
October 4th

Session 2: Influencers for partner program: your very own client-facing team!

In this session we’ll talk about: Leveraging your own client-facing team to identify prospective partners and keep existing partners happy. The time to value of these partnerships is so quick and if they have a successful client onboarding experience they are likely to refer more business.Keep existing partners happy by making sure the client-facing team is communicating any road blocks if working directly with the client. Monica will guide us!

Monica Perez
October 5th

Session 3: Partner profiling based on user research

In this session we’ll talk about: Sunir has led and been involved with countless partnerships operations. Now, he's in the thick of it building relationships with agencies for his own SaaS. He's going to take you through how he works through the difficult job of determining who he should spend his time on as an Ideal Partner Persona.

Sunir Shah
October 6th

Meet with your mentor

The last day of each week you will debrief with your mentor using their calendar link (shared with you prior to the start date(.

Your mentor
Bring your team

Week 2: 

Session 4: Agency outreach strategy

Will has done agency outreach for years with companies like Vidyard and Mailshake. He's the best guy to help us understand what works and how to get your first messages read.

Will Taylor
October 11th

Session 5: Marketplace strategies and tools for agency outreach

Agencies live in marketplaces like Upwork, Clutch and others. In this session, we will learn how to find and strategically convert digital agencies off of marketplaces.

Nico De Bruyn
October 12th

Meet with your mentor

The last day of each week you will debrief with your mentor using their calendar link (shared with you prior to the start date(.

Your mentor
Bring your team

Week 3: 

Session 6: Co-selling 101

If you are not mapping accounts and co-selling with partners, you are leaving a lot on the table. In this session, we get to hear from someone who has built large co-selling operations with agencies and is now running partnerships for a top account mapping SaaS platform.

Daniel Lancioni
October 18th

Session 7: Treating Partnerships like a bank account - deposits and withdrawals

Roddy Smith has been leading sales and marketing efforts in SaaS for years. He's been successful with partnerships because of his knowledge of digital agency persona's and understanding of how true partnerships work. He'll talk us through how to enable partners with the give mentality.

Roddy Smith
October 19th

Meet with your mentor

The last day of each week you will debrief with your mentor using their calendar link (shared with you prior to the start date(.

Your mentor
Bring your team

Week 4: 

Session 8: Enabling your sales department to help you succeed in partnerships.

In order to scale partner enablement, it’s super important that your sales team is involved, engaged, and acting in time. Jessie Shipman is helping partner managers with this strategy and increasing enablement in the process. She's going to show you how.

Jessie Shipman
October 25th

Session 9: Using strategic co-marketing to find and activate new Partnerships

Ashley Scorpio has run partnerships for WPromote, Hawke Media, and now over sees Business Development, Marketing, and Partnerships at Levitate Foundry. She’s built partner programs from the ground up to thousands of partners. She’s an expert Marketer with over a dozen years experience and will show us how to get the most out of co-marketing with partners.

Ashley Scorpio
October 26th

Session 10: Going to market with top-tier solutions partners

One of the most difficult things for partner managers is executing GTM with new larger agencies. Thankfully for all of us, Greg Portnoy (former VP of Partnerships for Hawke Media and Attentive Mobile) is going to show us how he has executed GTM with top agencies numerous times.

Greg Portnoy
October 27th
Join this Bootcamp if:
✓ You are committed to being in the Partnerships profession.
✓ You want expert guidance on your journey.
✓ You don't know all of the tricks of the trade.
✓ You want to learn more and succeed in Partnerships.
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Q: What's the time commitment?

~2.5 hours / week if you take part in the sessions that month. But, those sessions are recorded and a video course will be distributed to students afterwards.
The bootcamp is 9 total workshops + two 1:1's with your assigned mentor. During the week there will be two mid day sessions, then you can choose which two weeks to use for your 2 1:1's with your mentor.

Q: Is there a cost?

Yes, but we are going to wait until we see how many mentors we have confirmed and students we have interested before we publish a cost. But, it will not be expensive. Our goal is to simply cover costs to train as many as we can while providing small group workshops and 1:1's.

Q: Can I choose my mentor?

You can request your two favorite mentors in the form below, but we cannot promise you will be with one of them.

Q: When does it start?

The first session will be with Marco on October 3rd.

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