About: is an integrated direct mail platform for sales and marketing teams that leverages machine learning to automate and optimize the creation, delivery, and reporting of personalized physical assets in the sales process. The system can easily integrate with existing CRM systems, Sales and Marketing Automation Platforms, or can be used is a venture-backed startup, led by a nationally recognized founding team with multiple successful $mm exits. We are based in beautiful San Luis Obispo within walking/biking distance to restaurants, SLO airport, wineries, and athletic clubs. People are our #1 priority and we're focused on taking care of our employees, customers, and partners.

Partners you found through us:

"SmartSites, Aptitude8 are now fully-active."

What did you expect from Partnerprograms going in?

Partner Programs is a great educational resource introduction. It also exceeded my expectations on meeting qualified partner agencies to join our partner program.

What was the main positive surprise that you found after a few months?

"We did not expect so much actionable education. We took part in the Accelerator and the Enablement Masterclass. Plus, time spent no 1:1's and win the round table sessions helped a ton. The main positive surprise was the qualified partners that came out of the program. We were delightfully appreciative of the interactions we were able to form from this group/program."

What was the biggest "Win"?

"We formed some of our closest relationships with top agencies while learning vital strategies to steer our program."

What was the main impact/change for your program from our work together?

"We were able to define our program in a new light by not just the referral side of the partner program but what this program meant for an agency."

What was the secondary or unexpected positive impact?

"We've met some great tech partners as well in the closed Slack community."

Any images relating to this success:

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