Marquis, Founder of Ditto Agency

"What I wasn't expecting was the relationship, the network and the culture. Within a few days I was in round tables, networking and developing new business with the other agencies."


Hey there. My name is Marquis. I'm the founder at ditto. We're a systems and processes consultancy. And I first heard about partner programs through another agency network called communo Alex and I were on a panel talk with another agency owner. And so that's how we first got connected. And I wasn't really sure what part of programs was at the time.

[00:00:20] And one thing I wasn't expecting is the relationships and the network and the culture. That was within the platform. I mean, within a couple of days, I was on some different roundtables connecting with other agency owners, connecting with peers. Um, and in some cases doing business, you know, kind of back and forth, and not only was there the opportunity to network, um, through the different events and round tables, but they have trainings in there.

[00:00:43] I've actually had the opportunity to lead a couple of round tables or co-leads couple of round tables on project management, which is something that's near and dear to me. And so really the opportunity that lies. Um, is, you know, around networking, building real relationships. There are people that I'm connected with where we're texting back and forth.

[00:01:01] We're on LinkedIn. Um, and so you're building relationships, real people, but I think the biggest thing that makes the difference of being in the network is having direct access to the tech partners that we use every single day in our business. We're recommending to our clients every single day and having that direct line.

[00:01:19] Um, there are deals and offerings. And if you're curious or, you know, struggling with getting in touch with a tech partner, some of that you would want to work with, there are resources on how to do that. Um, similarly, like if you are an agency owner that wants to know how to boost sales, um, wants to double your pricing, wants to understand operations more, wants to understand how to market.

[00:01:40] Yourself. Um, there are so many different opportunities through trainings and round tables where you can get that learning. So I would highly recommend you checking it out. Hope to see you in there.