Marcel Petipas of Parakeeto on the value of the agency community we've built!

"It's just super powerful to have a community that's not afraid to go deep on these things and really be on top of what's happening today and what's working today."


Hey, what's up. It's Marcel. Pedopaw here from peer Quito. And I just wanted to shoot a quick video to tell you about how I discovered partner and the agency partner program, how he became a part of it and the unexpected value that I've been getting from this incredible group. So I was fortunate enough to get pulled into this by my good friend quota Higgins.
Who I've known for years and is one of the people that I trust when it comes to agency coaching and advice, she invited me into the community and I was quickly blown away by the amount of value and the amount of content that's being created in this community. Alex is doing an amazing job of curating experts, bringing people in from all different areas.
Of running an agency, whether it be sales, operations, technology, and getting them to create valuable content, hosting trainings, hosting Q and A's MAs and group sessions, where we can get really, really tactical. This is not high level stuff. We're getting into the weeds. We're talking about the specific tools, the specific tactics, the specific scripts that people are using that are working today and their businesses for their clients or in their agencies.
And I think that it's just super powerful to have a community that's not afraid to go deep on these things and really be on top of what's happening today and what's working today. So that was the unexpected value that I got out of this group. You know, I just kind of expected it to be the same as most of the other groups that I've become a part of where there's just kind of a lot of questions, not a lot of value being created, but yeah.
This partner program, insider group is definitely different. And if you're considering joining it, I definitely recommend that you do.
The last thing I want to speak to is where I think the opportunity lies for an organization like partner I think they're solving a really important problem where agencies are always looking for ways to become more efficient, to use technology, to leverage their services so they can increase their margins and they can earn more revenue, add more value.
And spend less time doing that. And of course, on the other end, we have technology partners that are always looking for agencies to partner with to deploy their products and help their clients get value out of the software solutions that they sell and being the bridge between those two organizations, helping the tech burners understand how to deliver outstanding value to the agencies and then helping agencies identify the tools that are going to be the best fit and create the most efficiency for their particular service offerings.
And finding avenues to expand the revenue that they can capture from there. Audience by offering additional services that our technology leverage that are easy to implement. I think it's a huge opportunity for both sides. And I can't think of anyone better to teach agencies and technology partners, how to marry those two vested interests together than Alex Glenn.
Um, I can't think of a better person to teach agencies and technology partners, how to accomplish that outcome than Alex Glenn. I mean, he's a guy that has spent his whole life really. In the technology and agency space and focus on partnerships. So if you are a technology partner looking to sell to agencies, looking to have them as partners, use them as a channel, I highly recommend you check out what Alex is doing and talk to him.
He's an expert on this. He definitely knows this stuff when it comes to building world-class partner programs. And if you're an agency, that's trying to figure out how to create more leverage in your services, how to expand your offerings without adding a ton of operational overhead. Alex is the guy that knows the lay of the land.
He knows all the tools. He knows what's out there and knows who's got the right partner programs that are going to be the support. Give you the process and give you all the tools that you need to successfully deploy this technology into your agency and use it to add more value to your clients. Spend less time doing that and ultimately create better margins for you while.
Making no compromises at all, to the experience for your clients. So with all of that