Eryn Marx, Partnerships lead at KBK Communications, shares her experience

""I found it so beneficial when I'm looking for a specific type of partner program potentially to utilize.""


"Hello, Aaron here from KVK communications. I am director of client services with them and we are a digital marketing agency. That's focused in the healthcare space. I heard about partner programs from my boss, the owner of KBK communications. And she had made the recommendation that I get involved and as we we're starting up. With getting involved with the partner programs, I really got excited by the community that was being built and I was hoping something like that was out there.

We've attended partner days through HubSpot and some of our other partner programs.And I really always love the collaboration and ability for agencies to speak to each other. Talk really openly and understand what are best practices that you are utilizing that we could learn from. We all have similarities in one ability or another, even if we have different specialties or different markets that we focus on and having one place to go to where we're able to have that community has been so valuable for me, and I think it's a great opportunity for others to get involved now in the time that we're in, we have limited in-person networking abilities, and this was just something that. Last year, I felt so excited about to be able to have a place to go, to, to continue to learn what else is out there. What are other people doing and how can you get involved. And I found it so beneficial to be able to connect with Alex. If I'm looking for a specific type of partner program potentially to utilize, or I've asked him for different advice with different things and just tried to see if he can point me in the right direction. And he hasn't failed me yet. And I've asked a few questions at this point. So I really feel like it's a great opportunity for people. In the agency setting to connect with others to be able to understand what other tech partners are out there. And there's been such a nice mix of topics from a more strategic focus and different tools that could be used. And just hearing from others in the industry has just been so valuable for me and really enjoy being part of this committee co community.

So thank you all."