Partnerships Growth Management Stack for Under $200/mo.

Partnerships Growth Management Stack for Under $200/mo.

The "Partnerships" stack is typically an expensive and cumbersome one - filled with bloated tools that costed thousands and take months to implement, which partners barely use... Here is an alternative system and UI for your team.

A client came to us asking about PRMs and creating views to share with sales to get them the insights they need.

She (Stacy in the video) has been searching for a tool to manage partnerships, create a UI that sales can use to track the leads they’re associated with, and even generate a partner directory. Her and I both use Airtable for almost everything, and I had been tinkering with to use as a frontend directory for the data in our Airtable bases.

Stacker also has a UI builder for apps like a CRM, a projects view, even an org chart.

So you can even create UI’s with passwords that show only pipeline statuses for referrals from one partner.

It also comes in handy if you want to create a password protected URL to share with leadership which will organize the metrics they want to keep tabs on in a really nice UI with filters and tabs etc…

The best part is, Airtable + Stacker for this use case would around $150/mo total.

So again, the use cases you can execute with this setup are:

Steps to set up:

  1. Create your airtable base – Our Airtable PRM can be copied here for your free use >>>
  2. Fill it with some active partner data as well as leads.
  3. Jump over to, sign up, and choose a template (or start from scratch).
  4. Stacker will walk you through choosing views and customizing the UI.
  5. Set passwords to protect the internal dashboards.
  6. When it’s ready, publish to a subdomain or domain of your chioce.

*Note: This setup does not generate unique links for partners to share for clients to onboard through so they receive referral credit. That practice requires an affiliate tracking solution (although we find partners do not use these links anyways even when they have them).

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