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Here's a little about this unique event...

We host these large virtual events specifically to help bring agencies closer to partners within an ecosystem, and help them navigate it to help speed up their ROI from the partnerships.

Speed networking to meet new partners quickly.

A larger event to showcase tech solutions.

Free partnerhub® accounts for all participants.

A course will all of the resources pubslished afterwards.

A group of top complimentary software vendors in that ecosystem...

Each highlighted tech sponsor is category exclusive to ensure the most value per minute for the attendees. We try to find ones that enable new unique services. So the size of company doesn't matter. Here are some from past events.

The goal: finding and activating the best solutions partners for your program...

This promotion is meant to help the select teams fill their partner programs with top solutions partners in that ecosystem, while activating them with the right service implementation training, and providing them a home to track this partnership.
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What is the "Track"?

A "Partner Track" is a specially-designed presentation on how service providers can set up and sell unique new services on top of your solution, to what audience, with what sort of incentives and support from your team. It's not a typical partnerships pitch deck or product marketing presentation. And we help you create it.

The campaign is 3-months, but your class lives in the course forever.

We start the campaign with a large list of agencies in that ecosystem we've compiled over the years. Outreach begins in our Slack and newsletter. Then linkedin and email. Our partners in the event share custom video posts (we'll create one for you), and the ecosystem partner team promotes to their private partner channels.

Some of the amazing  partner programs we've helped over the years

What's included

Partnerhub® Pro for 12 months.
✓ Direct outreach to the 5000+ agencies.
✓ 1:1 intro's to attendee's after the event.
✓ The enriched data set afterwards.
✓ Your recorded class in the partner tracks course.
✓ Retargeting ads to the event and course.
✓ Free access to our gated training.
✓ A directory listing.
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"Partnerprograms has hosted our annual TikTok Partner Tracks 2 years in a row now. And that's because they are professional, consistent, and we received 2000+ leads from the first one!"
Erica C.
Events and Partnerships at TikTok
"We received over 25 partners and are in joint sales motions with around 5 of those as we speak."
"The tone is set from the top, and it's action-oriented. This is a network of "doers." Much is expected, and much is achieved -- with remarkable speed."

Promotions & Enablement

Two months of multi-channel outreach to fill the event with your branding on all of the assets and landing page > then the event which activates and enables your prospective partners >> follow-up calls to create 1:1 intros.

Custom Assets for your Program

Videos, landing pages, a presentation template, and included in the partner tracks course published to our agency-only community.

A Data Set

We will provide your team with thousands of records of service provider contacts (email and LinkedIn) we have enriched specifically to match this cohorts IPP. And, a 5-step cold outreach sequence they can use to convert the targets who aren't already in.

Instructions Throughout

Your team will be added to the popular gated training programs:
"The Partner Manager Bootcamp" &
"The Partner Programs Accelerator" so they will be ready for presentations and ongoing enablement.

Get into the next Partner Tracks event!

Let us know more about you and your partner persona needs:


Some answers you may want about this program.

What does it cost?

We're in a recession so we are going to gather sponsors and ask HubSpot to offset the costs since this will be extra glue for their ISV partner program, but it will have a fee to reserve the spot. For now, just fill out the form indicating you are interested in the spot as the ____ category leader, and I will be in touch as soon as I have a final price tag :)

What do you need from us?

We will need you to edit the presentation, present (20min), and provide any/all assets and offers you want us to include in the promotions and course. We will provide you with the partner tracks presentation template, video examples of the presentation from a previous session, guidance and collaborative editing through Google Slides. When the event concludes, we will do all of the editing and creating of your class in our course.
If you would also like to be visible in the Partnerhub® marketplace, you will have to create your profile here.

How will you be promoting?

We will begin promotions using: 1. Display / LinkedIn Ads 2. Email (cold and newsletter) 3. Slack posts (our Slack + others) 4. Targeted DMs on LinkedIn 5. As well as posting your co-marketing offers, videos, and course content in our agency-only community here.

Who gets to keep the assets when it's all done?

You receive back: the data we promoted to (~6000 records) + your video + the partner tracks presentation deck we worked on together.

Do you help us with our presetnation?

Yes of course. We have a professionally-designed and well tested deck template we will work on with you (edits, suggestions...). And, we have videos from other good and bad presentations you can review and learn how to optimize your presentation.

Can we include something in the giveaway to bring more reciprocity to us?

Yes, so long as the offer does not require them to purchase anything or sign a contract. I.e discounts on software would not add value to this program. You can provide the agencies interested in your software those discounts as a part of your program later.

Is there a refund policy?

As soon as all participants are confirmed, we send out invoices to cover the full amount, and when if for example 3 out of 5 get cold feet and do not pay the invoice, and we can’t replace them quickly, we will refund the other 2. But, if all 5 pay the invoice prior to Jan 1st, we will start working on the assets immediately and no refunds will be given.

How is this different than the Concierge program

The Concierge program is specific to Partnerhub® users who want to get more out of the user-base of Partnerhub®. This program is purposed to do one big multi-channel branding and partner acquisition campaign for a select group of well connected tools. The two can operate together, but this program is specific to one large audience getting connected to these five platforms for use in their services stack.

* IF you are currently in the Concierge program, message Alex about what you receive.

Why can’t we just pay you more to promote only our program?

“A rising tide raises all boats!” You want to be promoted in a stack of non-competing tools which each offer something different because a partner prospect of yours may not be interested in what you are bringing to the table at this time, but they may be interested in another participants. And because you are also partners with that other tech vendor, and possibly also in Partnerhub®, the agency will be brought back to you when the timing is right.

But, feel free to check out Concierge if you would like matchmaking services through Partnerhub®.

Are we allowed suppression lists?

No. The reason is, this campaign is not selling software or mentioning any off pricing page offers that you would need to get clearance for. The campaign will work to further enable (train, educate) current partners of yours that it hits, and re-activate any stale partners by giving them more to talk about to their clients.

Who are you targeting?

For this campaign, we are targeting partners of tools known to target B2B agencies. In our case, we have an enriched list of; HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Formstack, Drift, Seventhsense, Vidyard, Gainsight… solutions partners. Totaling over 5500 leads.