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Co-marketing is one of the easiest / best ways to (a) get new agencies to meet you, (b) establish instant value to encourage the agency to reciprocate, (c) align your brand with thought leaders in a space (top agency operators) so that others in the space see you as a trusted provider, and (d) get unbiased third party-sourced content into your blog.

Here are some of my favorite examples:

  1. An article featuring "expert" opinions on a topic. Make sure to include a do-follow backlink and an image of the agency's choice next to their quote. Here's an example from Recart where they feature agencies weekly in this same article type >>
  2. Enable the agency (financially or simply creating the assets and then promoting it) to create a course featuring your solution. Here's are a few examples, one from Recart on how they enabled Socialite agency to create a course which features their app >>
  3. Create a directory of use cases for your product, but each use case is developed with an agency partner. Here's an example from TextExpander where they allow partners to publish their snippet templates to this library >>
  4. A column of your blog that is all agency-partner interviews which help your traffic understand a use case or overcome a pain point. Here's an example from Heap where they created "Paving the funnel" and interview experts on video >>
  5. Create a library of ebooks or white papers on a topic that's relevant for your users, and allow agencies to submit their papers to it. Here's one from Hubspot as an example >>
  6. Launch a directory using Airtable + Softr or, then feature agency partners in that directory. Here's our APIdeck directory as an example >>
  7. Launch a micro podcast - only 5-10 episodes, all on a specific topic (i.e. Website compliance or CRO for ecomm,...) and bring in agencies to each episode to chat about how they help their clients with that pain point. Here's an example of one on GDPR >>

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**Remember, this is not advertising your program. This is unique off-page offers to specific persona's in our ecosystem.