"Founded by a team from Google, Apple, and Intuit, is known for superior call answering services. Our friendly, professional virtual receptionists answer calls, web chats, and texts, book appointments, qualify leads, handle new customer intake, answer questions, and make outbound calls for you and your business. You get the experience of an in-house receptionist, at a fraction of the cost. Our clients say it's the "best business decision"​ they've made.Since 2015, we've answered over 1 million calls and chats for lawyers, consultants, agencies, contractors, and many more small businesses and independent professionals.Our goal is to make your business more efficient and productive. We save you time and money, keep your existing clients happy, and help you grow your business with qualified leads."

Partners you found through us:

Smart Sites, Mike Melen,

Saavy Marketing, Lance Cook,

What did you expect from Partnerprograms going in?

"I expected tips and strategies for building or improving our partner outreach and conversations and scaling partnerships as part of our business."

What was the main positive surprise that you found after a few months?

"I was blown away! The Partner Programs Accelerator covered every aspect of building a successful partnership infrastructure and treating it as a key revenue driver. This includes topics I'd never have considered, like writing content for partners, managing partner data (and choosing Partner Relationship Management software), budgeting and KPIs, and how integrations fit into the puzzle. In addition, Alex and his team are completely hands on helping us build meaningful connections with other participants, rather than simply bringing us together in a Zoom conversation."

What was the biggest "Win"?

"Thanks to Partnerprograms we're building a real, sustainable partner infrastructure — and going into it with the right strategy, resources, and expectations of what it will produce. We've also begun to build lasting partnerships with other Partnerprograms members, like SmartSites."

What was the main impact/change for your program from our work together?

"We definitely learned better strategies for how to judge whether a partnership is worth time and investment and when it is best to allocate time elsewhere, as well as what tactics are most likely to appeal to partners and drive them to recommend us. Our partner program is leaner and more focused because of what we learned."

What was the secondary or unexpected positive impact?

"Building a community with other partners — whether or not we end up working with them — has been invaluable as we look to build our knowledge-base and gain exposure to others who are embarking on this effort."

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