"Recart is a mobile marketing platform that helps innovative eCommerce brands reach their customers on Facebook Messenger. Recart allows marketers to rapidly grow their email, SMS, and Messenger lists simultaneously. Based on real-time behavioral data, Recart automatically engages and opens automated conversations with your customers on Facebook Messenger."

Partners you found through us:

"Hustler Marketing, Routes 4 Media, Dijy, Electric Eye"

What did you expect from Partnerprograms going in?

'Honestly, I wasn't 100% sure what to expect... I knew that this was a community for partnerships and partner managers and that I would learn to be a better PM. Given how lacking partnership support is generally, it was a no brainer to join even though I was slightly unclear what would be involved!"

What was the main positive surprise that you found after a few months?

"Within the first few weeks, Alex and the Partnerprograms team had already introduced me to three new agencies that my company, Recart, had not worked with before! I was ultimately and utterly surprised n the best possible way! Within three months, increase that to 12 agencies."

What was the biggest "Win"?

"The biggest win by far was the handful of "closes" from the agencies that Partnerprograms introduces me to. I met my initial monthly quotas, thanks to Partnerprograms. Also, one "close" paid for the entire year of Partnerprograms and then some! 

This move reflected well on me too, which was important because I had just started working at Recart, and good first impressions to my boss were very important to me!"

What was the main impact/change for your program from our work together?

"With Partnerprograms, I was able to take a step back and see that the Partnerships role is far more in-depth than I’d imagined. I come from a Director of Sales role at my previous company, so I assumed much of Partnerships had a similar "approach" to my last job. Partnerprograms made me realize that Partnerships are about much more than just sales - the processes, copy, and engagement are very different. With Partnerprogram’s help I developed a co-marketing-based outreach sequence that drove our open rate engagement 4x! I would have never thought of this if I hadn’t joined this program."

What was the secondary or unexpected positive impact?

'We'll add remarks in time."

Any images relating to this success:

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