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AudioEye is a technology company serving businesses committed to providing equal access to their online content. Transforming how the world experiences digital content, AudioEye solves issues of accessibility and enhances the user experience for the broadest audience possible.Specializing in speed to compliance with ADA-related digital accessibility requirements, AudioEye offers technology that makes digital content more accessible and more usable, for more people.

Partners you found through us:

Salvatore J. Tringali, Founder of Proecho Solutions.

What did you expect from Partnerprograms going in?

“We became aware of Partnerprograms at an ideal moment. We are a SaaS platform and had just began scoping a more robust agency offering. The original expectation was simply gaining feedback from their agencies and helping steer our strategy. But we quickly saw more value in their insights and asked Alex to help with the partner dashboard feature design along side our product team."

What was the main positive surprise that you found after a few months?

"“My company has started valuable partnerships through Partnerprograms.
I’ve received valuable advice from the team at Partnerprograms.
I’ve met agency partners through Partnerprograms.”"

What was the biggest "Win"?

"The Partnerprograms team has provided valuable guidance based on their years of experience, they think and act creatively, and they have connected us directly to numerous agencies and other SaaS platforms. I am confident our agency program will be much stronger as a direct result of working with Alex and the team at PartnerPrograms.”

What was the main impact/change for your program from our work together?

"Finding new agency partners.
Connecting us with integration partners.
Forming program growth strategy.
Partner team training and alignment.White label dashboard design."

What was the secondary or unexpected positive impact?

"Pointing out elements of the Partner dashboard that we had missed that were crucial for its use as a white label solution."

Any images relating to this success:

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