The position we're hiring for is:

Community and Marketing Lead

Description: Partner programs is growing like crazy and we need your help. (Hopefully you) will work along side Alex (CEO) to get to know our agency clients and community members, facilitate the relationships between our tech and agency partners, and create successful co-marketing projects. You will also help curate events and help grow our community from inside and outside our networks.

Important info:

Required experience: We are looking for someone who has 2 years of experience working in or with digital agencies (marketing, design, analytics, development), and either having supported those agencies as your clients, marketing software to those agencies, or being an agency operator yourself.

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You will be responsible for:

How to apply: Email your resume to Alex


Partnerprograms is a two-sided marketplace as a service with Partner Management Platform to support our users – bringing together vetted partner programs and agencies who know the value of reciprocal alignments with technology companies they can build a business around.

We train tech teams how to run these types of valuable ‘partnerships’ through our many channels – Slack group, LMS and Blog.

And, we train agencies how to setup, sell and support new services on top of the vetted partner programs we’ve chosen based on the quality of the product and the partnership.

Our slogan is;

“The people are your partners.”

Too many tech teams try and sell a ‘vendorship’ to agencies – offering them commissions to push product. We don’t. We focus on true partnerships and firmly believe that if you would not call up your partner to grab a beer or coffee if you had a layover in their city, then they aren’t a ‘partner’ in our definition.