About Partnerprograms

Partnerprograms is a team of former agency operators and community experts who provide a very comprehensive program for SaaS teams in the early (or rebuilding) stages of their agency-focused partner program. Alex is a B2B growth expert and shows partner teams how to create better programs using strategies originating from B2B software user acquisition, conversion optimization, onboarding and communication techniques. He and his team also oversee the only agency community focused on growing through strategic alliances with technology providers called The Agency-Partners Collective. Inside, agencies find partner tracks, roundtables and offers from the category leaders Partnerprograms curates weekly.

Nic at Recart said: "Partnerprograms has been our #1 agency provider..."

Shruti at Chargebee said: "Partnerprograms gives me the confidence to speak to upper management and tell them that agencies need more than just commissions."

Maddy at Smith.ai said: ""The tone is set from the top, and it's action-oriented."

We're agency operators.

Alex founded his first agency called Right 2 Revenue in 2006 with the intention of creating full transparency marketing programs to help his clients learn to operate the strategies without him. While this was successful - the agency secured dozens of $5K+ retainers, the unique model of training the clients while executing was too altruistic and not scalable. Eventually, the agency morphed into a directory called Automated.af which helped match marketing automation experts to businesses who needed them. In operating this marketplace, Alex discovered how few of these saas platforms in the automations actually enabled the agency experts to sell services on top of their solutions. This was the genesis oof the research which inevitably became Partnerprograms.io.

Along this line, Alex found Advisor's Clodagh Higgins and Rachel Jacobs to help ensure this organization was built with an agency culture and not a saas culture so the product would benefit the agencies we work with.

And, we're marketplace experts.

Alex began working on two-sided marketplaces in 2010 on the  team of a home service marketplace that competed with Thumbtack. After that, Alex helped launch a daily deal management marketplace to help businesses manage their daily deal channel. Then in Chicago, Alex ran growth for Curiosity.com and FactoryFix.com. This experience of working between experts and org's looking to use their expertise was necessary to Alex's understanding of how alignments work.

Finally, we're SaaS experts.

Alex and the advisors tech geeks at heart. We love finding new workflows between tools and sharing what we do with our colleagues and communities. This is why agencies look to us for ways to better their stack and services.

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