The Best Software Partner Program Directories and Landing Pages

The Best Software Partner Program Directories and Landing Pages

Software Providers – Some of you do not have a proper funnel setup to convert agency partners. A generic referral fee + a couple of logo’s or testimonials and a form are not going to convert agencies who come across your site who are open to partnering with you.

We had a number of questions, and subsequent false expectations, around what partners should see and have on your site. Here’s what you should know about your parterships funnel:

  1. It has to be focused on the IPP. Your ideal partner persona may be one type of consultant/agency/brand partner. So, talk to that partner. Use their industry or company type in the headline of the page and subtext. Mention pain points that your partnership will solve for them (hint: these are separate from your software use case or features).
  2. It has to be personal. Meet this traffic as the partner manager, not as a cold lifeless page and form. Chat bubbles or CTA’s from your partner manager (or even the CEO) help increase the level of personal attention these partners should expect throughout the process. Check out how the CEO of Seventh Sense appears on their directory (below)…
  3. And it must prove that being involved in your program means collaboration and exposure for their brand. This is where the partner directory comes in. But if your program is brand new, you can mention how many non-financial incentives partners have around product updates, extended onboarding time, and even referrals from your sales team…

So check out our favorite programs and let us know who we may have missed!


1. Seventh Sense

What is Seventh Sense: Seventh Sense provides sales professionals with actionable insight that allows them to accelerate and increase sales.

CEO & Co-Founder: Mike Donnelly

What we like about their directory:

Seventh Sense’s partnership directory is a clean and simple resource for finding a number of marketing services across location, industries served, and language. Partners can also be sorted by tier to show who Seventh Sense’s closest partners are.

Our favorite part – it’s personal and includes an invite CTA from the CEO himself (on the top left) to show the partners how much care they have in their agencies:

2. Databox

What is Databox: Databox is an app that serves as a personal data assistant, helping business users pay attention to what matters, when it matters.  From a morning briefing that makes sure you start the day knowing where you stand and how you’re progressing towards your goals, to smart alerts throughout the week that let you know when something needs your attention, Databox makes sure you’re never in the dark about the data that matters most to you.

Partner Manager: CEO Peter Caputa (replace?)

What we like about their directory:

Databox offers a seemingly endless stream of partners, all of which who went through specialized Databox training. You even can sort them by “Experts In” to see only the agencies that know how to use the tools you need like CallRail, HubSpot CRM, Pipedrive, Marketo, etc.

Most of all, they invite their agencies to create and share their templates which are then associated with the partner page and create THOUGHT LEADERSHIP for their agencies as well as leads (because traffic to these agency Databox templates is then downloaded by others):

If you are on a budget, and do not have the development resources, we have built a directory for our friends which starts at $50/mo and comes with management (upload/edit) services. Please book a time to see this directory in action if interested:

3. Drift

What is Drift: Drift is the new way businesses buy from businesses. With its quickly evolving set of tools and playbooks, Drift is the world’s leading conversational marketing platform, trusted by top enterprise businesses like Ellie Mae, GrubHub, InVision, Marketo, Okta, Outreach, Eventbrite, Vidyard, and over 50,000 other businesses.

Partner Manager: Michele Albanese

What we like about their directory:

Drift’s directory gives us an easy grid of their 32 partners, which includes CloudTask, LeadMD, and #ClosedLost. When you click on a partner logo, more details pop up showing their company bio and a list of what they specialize in.

(We also can’t let you miss their skydiving video)

4. Hubspot

What is HubSpot: HubSpot is a leading growth platform with thousands of customers around the world. Comprised of Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, and a powerful free CRM, HubSpot gives companies the tools they need to grow better.

Director, Partner Strategy & Operations: Angela O’Dowd

What we like about their directory:

Hubspot’s agency directory houses information on over 3,500 partners, all of whom you can search through by specifying industries, services, countries, languages, certifications, and even budgets. They also explain how they rank their listings across the Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond tiers so you know just what level of partner you’re connecting with

Landing Pages

1. Unbounce

What is Unbounce: Unbounce is a leading landing page platform and one of Canada’s fastest-growing tech companies with offices in both Vancouver and Berlin. Unbounce has powered over 650,000,000 conversions to date and serves more than 15,000 customers worldwide.

Director of Partnerships: Ty Lingley

What we like about their landing page:

From the top Unbounce’s partner landing page you’re greeted with the potential to earn more recurring revenue – 20% for every new customer you refer to Unbounce. You can get a high-level view about how partnering as a marketer, agency, or influencer works, as well as view some very helpful FAQ’s at the bottom of the page. For those on mobile devices, their landing page is well laid out, clear, and easy to follow.

2. Xero

What is Xero: Xero’s online accounting software links businesses to accountants and bookkeepers, banks, large enterprise and more than 700 apps across the world.  They help small businesses be more efficient, have better visibility on their numbers and make it easy to work with other financial services.

Head of Strategic Partnerships: Devere Bryan

What we like about their landing page:

Xero’s partner landing page shows you right off the bat how they structure their tiers and how you can earn points to move up through the ranks. They offer visitors a drop-down table for various point-earning scenarios and how many points you get for each.

3. Justworks

What is Justworks: Justworks combines a simple platform and exceptional 24/7 customer service with the power of a PEO, so all teams have more time to focus on what matters. Get access to corporate-level benefits, seamless payroll, HR tools, and compliance support—all in one place.

Director of Business Development: Molly Siems Cavanaugh

What we like about their landing page:

Justworks’ landing page draws you in right away with the bold words “Let’s provide more value together.” Their partnership landing page includes testimonial quotes, a bit of insight who their deal partners are (for example, companies with 5-50 employees), as well as a full breakdown of their partner tiers with associated costs, perks, and resources available in each tier.

4. HubSpot

What is HubSpot: HubSpot is a leading growth platform with thousands of customers around the world. Comprised of Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, and a powerful free CRM, HubSpot gives companies the tools they need to grow better.

Director, Partner Strategy & Operations: Angela O’Dowd

What we like about their landing page:

Hubspot’s partner landing page is simple, colorful, and straight to the point. They offer links to separate pages for Sales Partners, Agency Partners, App Partners, and even Startup Partners. The page includes testimonials, details on each program, and a map of their partner community around the globe.

5. Marketo

What is Marketo: Marketo is an American software company that provides marketing automation software focused on account-based marketing, including email, mobile, social, digital ads, web management, and analytics.

Marketo Partner Platform Manager: Ken Weston

What we like about their landing page:

Marketo’s partner program landing page has to be one of the most simple ones on this list. They give a quick intro to their program followed by an easy to find “I HAVE A REFERRAL” button that will get you started to become a Marketo partner

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