Partner Programs Case Study:

Partner Programs Case Study:

Our engagement with is execution of Program-Market Fit where we are contracted to find, evaluate and enable new agency prospects, but also to help their entire company align on the viability and structure of their new partner program. The engagement was active for two months prior to this case study.


Tony Simon, Director of Platform Partnerships at AudioEye, Inc.




“We became aware of Partnerprograms at an ideal moment. We are a SaaS platform and had just began scoping a more robust agency offering. The Partnerprograms team has provided valuable guidance based on their years of experience, they think and act creatively, and they have connected us directly to numerous agencies and other SaaS platforms. I am confident our agency program will be much stronger as a direct result of working with Alex and the team at PartnerPrograms.”


“No major complaints. Obviously their program is still new, and things are taking shape as we go. As the program matures, I think things will become more programmatic and scaleable.”


Agency Reviewer:

Salvatore J. Tringali, Founder of Proecho Solutions.

Partners before Partnerprograms:
Sprout Social, Shift

New partnership(s) found through Partnerprograms:

Salvatore’s Testimonial:

How are you affiliated with us?

“We’re an agency involved.”

What is your experience so far with Partnerprograms?

“My company has started valuable partnerships through Partnerprograms.

The program is valuable.

After joining, we were immediately connected with new partners, gaining our agency new service offerings and extended revenue streams to both new and existing customers. This gave our team a better competitive advantage because we’re able to solve more problems in areas where other agencies have failed in the past.”

What can we do better/differently?

“Nothing I can think of.”

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