Full Partner Program Stack – Partner Acquisition, Attribution and Enablement.

Full Partner Program Stack – Partner Acquisition, Attribution and Enablement.


To acquire new partners, you will need a directory showing social proof, third party influence, sales, and SEO. Here are the tools we know and love to find/convert and enable your partners: 

*Note - since we originally published this, we have been customizing internal and partner-facing PRMs using Airtable + Stacker. If you are on a budget, please read and watch this: 

A client came to us asking about PRMs and creating views to share with sales to get them the insights they need. She (Stacy in the video) already used Airtable so we introduced her to a UI builder called Stacker that allows anyone with an Airtable base to create a frontend in various formats (CRMs, directories, content calendars etc...). Here is the result: In under a week, Stacy can now create custom views and a directory for all her internal partner management needs. For under $150/mo. Head to https://partnerprograms.io/resources/ for more strategies.

Top-of-the-funnel stack for partner acquisition:

Crossbeam, for partner sales enablement.

Crossbeam is account mapping, but unique in that you can publically-display your database map link to site traffic in order to show potential co-selling partners what accounts you are able to offer them.

Here is Crossbeam in action on one of our partners’ partner page:

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And here’s Crossbeam in action with our database over Sendoso:

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Setup a free CrossBeam account now >>>


API Deck is a powered integrations directory with automated-landing pages which are indexed automatically. They power our directory of top agency-partner programs which has already created and indexed over 3000 pages automatically IN A FEW WEEKS!

Here is Salesflare’s API Deck:

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PartnerPrograms.io for Influence

PartnerPrograms.io (yes, we have to add ourselves) for assisting in the influence of partner conversion. We do this by creating custom courses showing agencies how to build services on top of our partners’ solution, showcasing top agency-ready partner programs on our directory, featuring our partners on our podcast, as well as networking and discussing partnerships in our community.

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Partnerpage.io for Partners Directory

Partner Page for your agency directory. We appreciate what this team has built because it’s focused on moving prospects through the funnel and matchmaking with agencies:

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You will need to track referrals and pay your partners, which means PRM. Depending on your use-case, here are some top PRM’s:

Everflow is great for larger B2C affiliate programs with thousands of mobile-first partners, and any influencer-focused programs.

PartnerPortal.io is a great PRM for saas companies with agency-first partner programs.

Partnerstack is the leader in the B2B PRM space with a great value proposition in their directory which houses all of the clients’ programs and generates organic traffic for full-funnel partner acquisition.

Allbound is a unique take on PRM where you actually get your own CMS for management of your partners’ enablement content. So it’s great for programs where a lot of partner enablement is needed.

From there, as you scale your program, you will need to attribute the content-sharing efforts of your partners when affiliate links or codes are not used to avoid channel conflict. This is where Xamplify comes in.

Here’s an example of how two-tier metrics works from Xamplify:

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Partner enablement is the most difficult part for most partnerships teams – how do you get those who join your program to actually refer you new clients AND assist in the sales process to close those referrals?

There’s no short answer to this as every program has it’s own challenges. However, we do have some recommendations:

Mighty Networks for Partner Community and Resources

This is where you can customize a support community for your partners for only $28/mo. Further, if you choose to, you can use it for course work.

Check out our community for agency partners >>

Thinkific for Certifying Partners

You will want to train and quiz new partners as if you are training a sales team. This means actionable content related to your product’s main use cases so partners know how to build services around it to sell to their clients (ideally, as retainers). This curriculum needs a home so we recommend Thinkific because of it’s UI and marketing features. We tried other platforms but found Thinkific to be the best.

Check out our school for partner team and agency partner training >>>

And finally, PartnerPrograms.io for Course Content

We’ve learned over hundreds of agency interviews that the best way to gain new partnerships is to show the partners how to build services around your product. This is why we’ve created the program for saas which includes the development of their own custom course based on a prime use case for agencies wanting to sell services off of their solution. This course is then loaded into our school and distributed out for free to agencies we believe would be a great fit.

And that’s agency enablement 101 :)

More great resources for tech companies

Partnerships teams have to convince third parties (agencies, consultants, tech, VARS...) to “partner” with them. But... the partner teams are not marketers or copywriters. So they either hand the copy tasks off to the marketers, who write copy to sell the product (as they are trained to do), or the partner teams provide the copy to get added to the page, which results can be much worse... 

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On our call, Bob and I discussed the state of ‘channel,’ the nomenclature, and where he believes it’s headed. After our call, Bob further-elaborated on our talk with this email.

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Circles are our way of describing the relationships found in partnership ecosystems where a consultant and/or agency is partnered with both your tech and a product you sell well with (possibly also natively integrated to). This video will explain the strategy on finding those circles within your ecosystem.

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