Top Partner Programs for Retail Marketing Agencies

Top Partner Programs for Retail Marketing Agencies

Over the past decade, technology has completely transformed the shopper’s experience. To keep up with the consumer-centric trends, localized marketing agencies are investing in partnerships with retail marketing SaaS companies to design the optimum suite of tools for their clients. Finding the best program fit can seem impossible- so to help we put together this list of the top partner programs for retail marketing agencies.

1. ActiveCampaign- best marketing automation partner

What is ActiveCampaign:

ActiveCampaign combines all aspects of email marketing into a single and easy-to-use platform. Seamlessly create beautiful and engaging emails, send them to segmented subscribers, and see what interactions and reactions occur in real-time! They just launched a new Agency focus program as of April. ActiveCampaign’s Agency partners will have the ability to manage their customers how they want to and choose commission or margins by customers under one program! In addition, they help partners migrate customers over from other platforms for free. Not to mention, they can build a snapshot tool that automatically adds automations to the new customer’s app.

Their offer:

Partners are offered commission or margins on the client, which they determine. And they run incentives randomly.

What ActiveCampaign does:

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2. Blip- best billboard advertising partner

What is Blip:

Blip is a self-service digital billboards management platform your agency should use to add valuable impressions to any localized PPC campaigns. Blip opens the door for small and medium-sized businesses—with any budget—to use broadcast advertising to grow their brand via digital billboards. With Blip you can amplify your client’s message, create broad brand recognition, and ultimately uplift their lower funnel results.

Their offer:

Reseller partner benefits:

If an agency does not want to resell our service, they also have an affiliate partner program with similar benefits but the agency does not need to manage their clients using Blip’s platform.

What Blip does:

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3. CallRail- best call tracking partner

What is CallRail:

CallRail has a unique technology allowing you to extract marketing attribution data through call and form tracking enabling you to make informed business decisions and prove ROI of your marketing campaigns. CallRail helps Agency Partners grow their business and better serve their clients. Get exclusive content, specialized sales support, and marketing resources by partnering with CallRail.

Their offer:

What CallRail does:

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4. NiceJob- best reputation marketing partner

What is NiceJob:

NiceJob’s reviews marketing platform is amazing for any business with a storefront get more reviews and build their reputation. Use NiceJob to create new services or add value to SMM retainers for your clients.

Their offer:

What NiceJob does:

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5. Ringboost- best vanity numbers partner

What is Ringboost:

RingBoost works with agencies to improve advertising effectiveness, build client brands, and enhance campaign success through the use of brand-building memorable phone numbers. They sell and license toll-free, local, vanity, easy-dial, and tracking numbers, including an exclusive supply of exhausted area codes. Each agency is assigned a go-to representative who can help with white-labeled or direct client service, expertly searching and finding the best custom phone numbers for your strategy and budget. Personalized phone numbers are affordable, effective, long-term marketing assets that give all your media channels an ROI boost.

Their Offer:

Ringboost offers revenue shares and referral fees, depending on the nature of the partnership. They also have a white-labeled API that can be added to any e-commerce store and will find partners great numbers, as a living case study for their clients.

What Ringboost does:

Learn more about being a Ringboost partner

6. best virtual reception partner

What is virtual receptionists answer calls, chats, and texts for agencies and their clients. They improve responsiveness to leads and clients; block interruptions that kill productivity; complete workflows for seamless answering, screening, and scheduling tasks; and serve as the backbone for growth. Once companies hand off routine communications to, businesses increase productivity, professionalism, and profits.

Their offer:

The referral program offers:

The resellers program offers:

The wholesale program offers:

What does:

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7. YetiText- best SMS partner

What is YetiText:

YetiText is a full-funnel SMS platform that integrates with numerous CRM tools. Make your client’s business more effective by utilizing SMS and partnering with YetiText.

Their Offer:

Referral Program:

Agency Program:

What YetiText does:

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