The Best SaaS Partnerships for B2B Agencies!

The Best SaaS Partnerships for B2B Agencies!

If you are an agency offering B2B marketing services, these are the saas partnerships we curated to help you grow!

Clients are now demanding more specialized expertise and business consulting. This is especially apparent for Agencies in the B2B domain. As Agencies are evolving to better serve their clients, they are investing in partnerships with SaaS companies to offer more managed services and suites of solutions. Here are the 8 best Saas partnerships for B2B Agencies that we’ve found.

1. Unbounce- best landing pages partner

What is Unbounce:

Unbounce helps marketers build high converting landing pages, pop-ups, and sticky bars. No need for a developer – you can do it all yourself! As a Partner Agency, you have the ability to advise clients on the tools and campaigns they need, while also getting paid for it. By creating standalone client accounts, you can build pages for them far more efficiently and help you increase conversion beyond their expectations.

Their offer:

A 20% lifetime commission for every customer you help discover Unbounce.

What Unbounce does:

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2. Vidyard - the best video sales platform

What is Vidyard:

Video to close the distance.Keep a human connection with customers and coworkers when you can’t be there in person. Vidyard is the best way to add video into your emails, website, outreach and everywhere else.

Their offer:

Exclusive partner training through Partner Manager to help you succeed Co-brandable content to help educate and generate demand Free Vidyard account 10% Revenue share on new referred business Special invitation to join your customers onboarding and training to learn how to support their account $500 bonus on your first closed won opp.

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3. Chargebee- best subscription billing partner

What is Chargebee:

Chargebee is a subscription management platform that powers end-to-end recurring billing for subscription businesses. Chargebee enables partners to turn any clients’ product or service into a subscription. Become a member of the Chargebee partner program and end  the subscription & billing woes for your clients.

Their offer:

Up to 20% in commissions on every referral, access to Chargebee’s assets to share with their clients, their own account with a referral dashboard, and complete implementation & migration support.

What Chargebee does:

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4. Leadsift- best intent data partner

What is Leadsift:

Leadsift is an intent data platform that searches the public web to identify target customers who are talking to your competitors. Intent data is more than just sales enablement. Use intent data to create targeted content and other campaigns for your clients.

Their offer:

Revenue Sharing or Referral Fee

What Leadsift does:

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5. noCRM- best CRM partner

What is noCRM:

noCRM helps sales teams turn prospects into customers without spending hours filling out forms. Their certified partner program is for businesses and professionals, such as marketing and sales consultancy agencies, interested in building customer relationships and offering value-add services to their clients. Add your consulting, integration, and implementation services to fit your clients’ needs.

Their offer:

Tap into an evolving commission scheme that starts at 20% for the lifetime of referred customers, access to a free demo account to increase, unlock additional business from noCRM, and become a certified noCRM partner and get your company listed on the partner page.

What noCRM does:

Learn more about being a noCRM partner

6. Leadfeeder- best IT intelligence partner

What is Leadfeeder:

Leadfeeder is a lead generation solution that helps businesses turn website visitors into leads. They identify the companies visiting your website, how they found you, and what they are interested in. Increase your clients’ sales intelligence by integrating their sales and marketing data.

Their offer:

Special resources and incentives that are based on an agency’s specific business model and client types including commissions, discounts, trial extensions, white-glove treatment for you and your clients, and the opportunity to get in front of our audience of 50,000+ marketing and sales leaders.

What Leadfeeder does:

Learn more about being a Leadfeeder partner

7. Interseller- best prospecting partner

What is Interseller:

Interseller enables you to find any contacts’ email address, send them automated and personalized messages, and push them into any CRM or ATS with one-click.

Their offer:

1 month free access, 100 free lookups, and $100 commission per referral.

What Interseller does:

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