The Best eCommerce Agency Partner Programs

The Best eCommerce Agency Partner Programs

Investing in strategic partnerships with SaaS companies will play a more pivotal role than ever in your eCommerce Agency’s ability to keep up with ever-evolving trends and client demands. The world of eCommerce SaaS is vast and it can be a daunting task to find the perfect partner for your business — so to help we created this list with 6 of the best eCommerce partner programs out there.

1. Recart - for messenger chat.

What is Recart:

The future of eCommerce marketing is here. Recart helps merchants communicate with their customers much more effectively through the channel they’re constantly on: their phones. Recart’s messages have 5-10 times higher engagement rates compared to email marketing and is installed by more than 130k Shopify merchants, making them the #1 paid-for Shopify app. Recart is focusing on growing their agency partner program by having top Shopify agencies around the world use Recart as a part of their initial stack or as a tool to help facilitate growth among their clients.

Their offer:

What Recart does:

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2. Tapcart - convert Shopify stores to mobile apps.

What is Tapcart:

Tapcart turns Shopify sites into beautiful mobile apps. We work with the biggest brands like Fashion Nova, Chubbies, Fanjoy, and 3,000+ others.With just a few clicks, you can build a custom app with different product grids with search functionality. Send push notifications to your customers with your own set of triggers and messages.

Their offer:

Tapcart works with agencies on a 1:1 basis - typically starting off with one free account for them to convert one store and learn the platform. They will almost always include agency partners in their content highlighting their expertise.

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3. Attentive Mobile - SMS for large eCommerce brands.

We empower our clients' success by partnering with best-in-class agencies and technology platforms to create seamless customer experiences and help brands drive revenue. Our trusted partner ecosystems are built by strategically collaborating with the experts in their respective verticals.

Their offer:

All signed referral partners receive a 10% revenue share for the first year of any new clients they refer to Attentive. There are also significant additional cash bonuses for referrals made within the first 30 days of partnership. Agencies are also able to access additional benefits such as co-marketing support and access to higher levels of product, service, and support as their level of partnership grows.

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4. Gatsby - micro-influencer marketing automation.

What is Gatsby:

Gatsby allows you to add enormous value to your clients social media marketing campaigns by helping you build real relationships with your influential customers. Add Gatsby to your site in minutes and start identifying & engaging your social customers automatically – turning them into your authentic nano-influencers that help you grow honestly and efficiently.

Their offer:

What Gatsby does:

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5. Huckabuy - instant javascript rendering for the fastest sites and best SEO.

What is Huckabuy:

Huckabuy’s SEO Software loads your website faster, improves search results, and increases organic traffic. Huckabuy is currently creating our first formal agency partner and referral program. We are open to any and all suggestions. Our goal is to furnish our partners with the most cutting edge technical SEO SaaS solutions to help drive organic search growth for our partner’s end clients as well as revenue opportunities.

Their offer:

What Huckaby does:

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