How do I generate more business with technology partnership?

How do I generate more business with technology partnership?

Premise: This was a call I had with David, Founder of around how he can go from purely co-marketing with tech partners, to co-selling with them.  

Questions answered:

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David had done co-marketing with partners that netted partners hundreds of hits and dozens of leads. While he did receive a client from the last one, we believe he could have netted more.

Being an agency allows you some advantages in co-selling that are attractive to large and small tech firms:

  1. Cold emailing is one.
  2. Thought leadership and subject matter expertise is another.
  3. Entrance into private agency-only communities like these is another.

Suggested strategy:

  1. Offer (or require) you host the landing page for RSVPs on your website. Not eventbrite, but on your domain using a form so you get the traffic and can control what they are opted in for (i.e. marketing emails and offers from you).
  2. Spin up Sharework (it's free) from the gate to see the venn diagram overlap of your accounts/leads vs your tech partners.
  3. Plan an outreach and social post agenda with the partner and hold each other to it.