Let us fill in the knowledge and promotional gaps so you succeed.

Early-stage partner teams lack support and resources in almost every area; strategy, sales and marketing. This program is designed to help early-stage (or restructuring) partner teams find "Program-Market Fit" using a strict process, strategy, copy and incentives we have spent the last few years perfecting. The training, structuring and content creation part of the program is 60 days, and has everything you'd need to get your program to a place of confident viability. Then we continue with promotions as a category leader.
"Partner programs has been our #1 agency provider and it’s not even close! I can’t recommend this program enough as an ecomm saas company."
Nic R.
Head of Partnerships, Recart.com
Training Only
$400/ mo
Two month minimum.
2 hours of 1:1 training sessions each month.
Seats for your team in the partner accelerator.
Invites to all monthly events and trainings.
Access to Slack for ongoing support.
Get Started
Program Acceleration
$1595 to setup
+ $99/month (cancel any time)
8 hours of 1:1 training sessions.
Two email blasts to 500+ agencies.
Two posts to our closed group of 300+ agencies.
Creation of a custom partnership presentation.
Partner persona development.
Agency outreach strategy creation.
Real-time access to agency interviews data.
Incentive structure restructuring.
Access to all training strategy docs.
Added to our partner manager Slack station.
Landing pages on our directory and website.
A custom Airtable PRM for your needs.
Apply For Your Category
*Note, the Program Accelerator requires a short application to get involved as we only represent products that work which agencies can build services around. Please apply and we'll schedule a call to discuss more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any discounts or customized pricing?

Our product is priced to be affordable, so we don't give any discounts. We already offer our product at a competitive price.

Although we get requests all the time for all sorts of custom and rev-share compensation, we have passed on all of those when they are related to promotions because we have a small team and cannot attempt to account for multiple customized comp relationships.

What should we expect?

The guarantees are listed in the pricing tables above, but expect to receive more than what you purchase. Each time your product has a new workflow to advertise, or you need too crowd source content for your blog, you can lean on us, our 40 tech partners, and the hundreds of agencies who also participate in co-marketing with us each week to help bring you more partners.

What happens when we join?

First, we'll review your incentives, persona's and SOP's.
Then, we will setup your presentations for sales and co-marketing.
We'll then start to formalize the first offer to our agencies and push that out.
After we publish, we organize the list and start promotions introducing you to the agencies.

We will create more co-marketing campaigns together along with other category leaders which your product sells well with.

Are there any guarantees?

˙Client will be the only ________ Platform tool for _______ agencies (your use case and agency category and target client size (i.e. SMS for mid-market ecommerce).
˙8 hours of 1:1 training sessions.
˙Two email blasts to 500+ agencies.
˙Two posts to our closed group of 300+ agencies.
˙Access to all training strategy docs.