First steps:

  1. Ask Alex for the invite to join Slack so we can discuss outside of meetings (message us if you haven't received an invite).
  2. Please also add your persona's here so we can understand what we're trying to do here, and so we can add them to the data enrichment template you can use to source contact information of your ideal partner persona.
  3. Create your program profile if you haven't already >>
  4. Book a time to have our first call: 

Training onboarding:

Start by enrolling in our school (code = Training) >>

Request access to the folder with all of our training materials >>

If you use Airtable, copy our custom PRM to use >>

Check out Sunir Shah's presentation on partnership:

Learn about Product-Led Partnerships:

Read the strategy here >>

Partnerships Roundtable recording:

Here are the assets we've created and curated to ensure your program is built to succeed.

Too begin, please have the team bookmark these links:

  1. Join us in The Masterclasses (use this link to invite your team).
  2. Join us in Slack.
  3. Here's a two page program brief template to summarize the partner program for new partners or internal team members.
  4. The "Partner Track" presentation slides to help sell partner prospects on the business value of being your partner.
  5. Here is a sheet to keep your partner co-marketing agenda organized.
  6. If you are using Airtable, here is a link to the PRM we created which will allow you to capture and track all partner leads submitted or loaded with a pipeline view and multiple activities.
  7. If you need agency data, here is a link to the data enrichment template you can use to find contact info for ideal agency persona's.

My calendar to book training sessions: