"What copy should we use to convert new partners?"
"What incentives should we list?"
"Why isn't our cold email generating meetings?"
"What about our partnership presentation is off?"

Sales and Marketing teams are trained to highlight the product, where as the partner funnel needs to articulate what the partnership means for the persona you are targeting. And this messaging needs to sell the partnership, not the product. So those two teams will not be much help in optimizing your partner messaging.

Our training programs are robust and cover messaging, but maybe all you need at this moment is an expert opinion and a detailed edits recommendation to put out a partnerships funnel you are confident in.

What should and should not be where in the funnel.

What messaging resinates with agency partners.

And, a review of the overall incentive structure.

How to frame your program in a cold email or social message.

What nomenclature is misleading, damaging or missing from your funnel.

Recommended adjustments to your incentives structure.

Some of the program funnels we've analyzed:


Maddy Martin


"The tone is set from the top, and it's action-oriented. This is a network of "doers." Much is expected, and much is achieved -- with remarkable speed."

Ty Lingley


"Alex and I have worked on several projects to date. His deep knowledge of the agency-saas dynamic and his ability to quickly/creatively set things in motion make him invaluable to work with."

Nic Romaya


"Partner programs has been our #1 agency provider and it’s not even close! I can’t recommend this program enough as an ecomm saas company."