Find, vet, curate and project management new strategic alliances!

Allow us to help you generate revenue through strategic GTM strategy around tech partnerships.

Did you know that many tech partners have budget to sponsor your content, courses and podcasts? The SaaS we work closest with also highlight agencies in their blogs, support them in the creation courses for the agency to increase revenue, co-sell together...

But most agencies don't know which tech companies align with their target customers, what to do with those tech companies, who to talk to internally, and where to manage it all.

That's where we come in!


We find / vet tech for product capabilities, alignment, and reciprocity.


Then, we package up their program into offer, partner track and tasks.


We meet monthly to choose and strategize for each potential partnership.


We deploy the "project" in a custom kanban your team can track and edit.

Top agencies are already in:

With Marquis, founder of Ditto, because he is a top Asana implementation partner, we are working to find partners to take him deeper into client services around project management.

We're working with Tim, co-founder of Loop Club, on a few major initiatives to get deal flow from partners. The first is a course for Shopify store owners on CRO that will involve a few tools.

Mike, CEO of SmartSites, relies on us to keep his team aligned on partnerships strategy with a steady flow of new technology lunch and learns we curate and schedule for them.

Here's our role:

*Note - we are not stepping in between your agency and current successful partnerships. Those remain on your desk. Our role is finding/vetting/curating new value-add alignments.

  • Curate new co-marketing campaigns for backlinks and thought leadership.

  • Quarterly software audits for unpaid commissions and uncovering deeper alignment.

  • Vet tech for product alignment, viability and partnership value.

  • Bring only relevant attractive partner offers to monthly meetings.

  • Project manage the selected partnerships. 

  • Be the PM  to ensure the partnership doesn’t flatline.

  • Load the partner tracks into a kanban we create and co-manage.

  • Lobby partners monthly to keep bringing in co-marketing opportunities.

  • Ideate the opportunities, get sign-off, and pitch them to partners.

  • Set up and help facilitate co-selling with select partners.

  • Schedule partner spotlights for SaaS sales teams.

  • Being the buffer for cold outreach from new partners.

  • Build the value in the role so much that you can make the case to hire full time.

"Since we started with Partnerprograms two months ago, we have found three partners who we are now working closely with on building new service offerings to add more value for our clients."
Matt H.
CEO of Influence Agents
"From an agency owners perspective, I feel like if you don't have someone going to bat with you, if you're not close to the partner teams of the tools you use, you really need to reach out to Alex."
Chase Clymer
"Partnerprograms shows us how to build and leverage partnerships to get the most out of that channel."
Tim Keen
Loop Club
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