It seems simple enough, but it takes a network of agency partners, a lot of creativity and experience to execute.

First, is your product fit for partnerships?

Our team vets top partnership opportunities for our agency audience. Not every tech partnership looks the same for agencies. The consistencies that make a great partnership opportunity are; product, alignment and the ability to sell services on top of a tool (as opposed to simply using it for internal ops).

'Circles' Discovery

"Circles" start with your software, then we find another technology necessary to form a workflow. The two of you must also sell well with one another. Then, we find the agency able to help us show off this build. Read more on 'Circles'

Content and Custom Course

We quickly publish your directory listing, add you to ranking articles, then record some content showing agencies how to setup, sell and support a service on top of our tech partners’ solution. Most courses are 3-6 classes, 15 minutes per class, and involve someone on your team, our team and an agency from your network or ours (to provide that use case testimonial).


"Since we started with Partnerprograms two months ago, we have found three partners who we are now working closely with on building new service offerings to add more value for our clients."
Matt H.
CEO of Influence Agents
"Alex and I have worked on several projects to date. His deep knowledge of the agency-saas dynamic and his ability to quickly/creatively set things in motion make him invaluable to work with."
"The tone is set from the top, and it's action-oriented. This is a network of "doers." Much is expected, and much is achieved -- with remarkable speed."

Promotions & Enablement

In our promotions program, we will formalize a go-to-market strategy for your partner program AND make personal introductions to agencies who are a fit. You also get training along the way.

Training &

We teach you how to; gain cross-departmental alignment, create and find your personas, offer unique incentives, develop partner sales strategies that work, and complete partner enablement examples to copy/follow/use.

Insider knowledge...

What sets us apart is our background as both agency operators and consultants. We bring in top agencies like Hawke Media and MuteSix to help our partners understand how agencies of their caliber like to align with tech partners. Then, we work closely with our community of over 300 agencies to review these offers, get onto tracks, and help our partners gain Program-Market Fit quickly.

Something custom?

We help our clients and the cohort with training and promotions, and are happy to create something custom if we have the bandwidth. Let's grab 30min to discuss your needs!


Training Only
$400/ mo
Two month minimum, read the terms >
  • 2 hours of 1:1 training sessions each month.
  • Seats for your team in the partner accelerator.
  • Partner persona development.
  • Agency outreach strategy creation.
  • Incentive structure restructuring.
  • Access to Slack for ongoing support.
Get Started
Program Acceleration
$1595 to setup
+ $99/month
Cancel any time, read the terms >
  • Creation of your partner "track" course.
  • 8 hours of 1:1 training sessions.
  • Two email blasts to 500+ agencies.
  • Two posts to our closed group of 300+ agencies.
  • Creation of a custom partnership presentation.
  • Partner persona development.
  • Agency outreach strategy creation.
  • Real-time access to agency interviews data.
  • Incentive structure restructuring.
  • Access to all training strategy docs.
  • Added to our partner manager Slack station.
  • Landing pages on our directory and website.
  • A custom Airtable PRM for your needs.
Apply For Your Category
*Price does not include additional taxes, fees, and surcharges. To learn more, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the numbers?

The numbers: 
20,000+ agencies in our database.
~3000 are eComm specific.
~6500 are B2B.
~3500 are localized marketing agencies.
6,500+ agencies tagged with who they are partnered with now.
400+ in The Agency-Partners Collective.
~3-10 matches happen a day.

Do you offer any discounts or customized pricing?

Although we get requests all the time for all sorts of custom and rev-share compensation, we have passed on all of those when they are related to promotions because we have a small team and cannot attempt to account for multiple customized comp relationships. Our programs are priced to be affordable, so we don't have room for discounts or much customization.

What should we expect?

The guarantees are listed in the pricing tables and in the terms, but expect to receive more than what you purchase. If you are considering the Training program, every call and asset we share will be actionable and push your program miles ahead.
And if you choose too be promoted, on top of the initial program blast, each time your product has a new workflow to advertise, or you need too crowd source content for your blog, you can lean on us, our 40 tech partners, and the hundreds of agencies who also participate in co-marketing with us each week to help bring you more partners.

What is the value for being involved as a category leader?

Influence over agency partners - we speak to and market to dozens of agencies a day. 
Agency enablement content - the program includes an actionable course recorded/edited which you can use to train your new agencies.
Knowledge and support - we learn a ton about agency-tech relationships in our process and advise our partners on setup of incentive structure to attract partners. 
Co-marketing and integration partnerships - because we're category exclusive, we set up these circles between partners for co-marketing and even integration.

What happens when we join?

For training only: 
Each call will be a progression through your current challenges: 
- Choosing a program structure
- Partner enablement SOPs
- Cold outreach
- Partner presentations
- The stack
- Hiring and compensation
- Team alignment

For promotions:
Weeks 1-3 = Landing pages creation, assets review, slack onboarding, entrance into weekly live trainings, intro's to co-selling partners, Create co-marketing hook. 
Weeks 3-5 = Intro's to agencies interested in the co-marketing campaign, creation of your course, persona development, lead database creation.  
Weeks 6+ = Publish the course, email promotions, ongoing training/development, co-marketing...